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We will be continuing to follow NHS recommendations therefore, as with all Healthcare settings across the UK, there will be no changes at Haven Health.

Patients coming into the surgery will still need to wear a mask, use hand sanitiser and socially distance. There should only be one person at our reception at any one time and our staff will continue to wear appropriate PPE.

Patients coming into the surgery are sick and very often vulnerable so we feel that these precautions will help to protect everyone.  

We also need to minimise the number of our staff catching Covid so we can keep a functioning service, for this reason alone these measures are vital.

Our consultations will continue as they have been via telephone, video or face to face where the clinician feels clinically appropriate therefore, you will still need to continue to contact the surgery to make an appointment as you have been via the telephone or online.

It is worth noting that we are consulting with higher numbers of patients than we ever have prior to  the pandemic, whilst also playing a big part in the vaccination programme for our housebound and care home patients.

We hope you will understand why we need to continue with these important measures and keep the surgery as safe for everyone as we can.  We have all come so far in trying to minimise the impact of Covid, let’s continue to stay safe together.

Thank you for your understanding



Long Term Conditions Recall changes

We are trialing a new long term condition recall system, this means you will be contacted via text, email or letter this will appear from either Haven Health or “CaredoctR” and is sent on our behalf.

CaredoctR does not have access to any of our patients data.


You can follow the links on the text or email to access your recall letter and questionnaires via a smart phone. Please contact the surgery if this is causing any problems. 

You will still be recalled around the month of your birth.



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